The Nitty-Gritty of Self-Publishing

Yesterday, Jennifer Scoullar and I met for a business lunch to discuss what she had learned about self-publishing. I had told her some time ago that mailing lists were passe – the thing about social media is that any fad reaches saturation point after a while and people have to look for another way to do what they have to do to reach an audience. Her crime writing self-published friend, Catherine Lee, who earns a decent living from her book sales, agreed with me about mailing lists. BookBub is the way to go. But BookBub is hard to get into. Which is a good thing because it guarantees a certain standard of quality in the books they recommend to readers.
Jenny outlined a plan to launch Pilyara Press and our first new titles (as opposed to republished back list). More about that as the time draws near.
Apparently, this Mark Dawson course on self-publishing is very good, very detailed. Jenny took the course while staying with Catherine Lee, who, BTW, is a terrific marketer. No wonder she’s making money.
The advantage of our enterprise is that, with three people involved, Jenny, Kathryn Ledson and I, we can share the jobs according to our strengths. So far, that means Jenny and Kath are busy and I’m still dawdling in Miracle Alley, eavesdropping on my characters and weaving story out of what they say.
Jenny also said that a lot of authors these days are writing shorter novels they can toss off with ease while writing the longer, more complex works. Great idea, I thought. So on my way home, I thought about what I could write and settled on retelling fairy tales,folklore and legends. I’ve been writing realism for a long time,leaving the fantastical side of my imagination sitting miserably in a corner. It’s so given up that it’s stopped begging me for attention. So now, I hope, I pray, I’ll let her out of er corner and we can play together in Miracle Alley.

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