Overcoming the fear of self-exposure in your writing

When I first came on FB in July 2015, I decided that my posts would be transparent. I would always say what I truly thought and felt. I would write things about myself that were an accurate reflection of my innermost heart. At times it was hard to get past the fear of being unlikeable. Each time I felt the urge to hide, I pushed past it. it was hard at times but I wanted to make a real connection with people.

Everyone who comes to write about themselves, whether on Facebook on in their blog, whether in a memoir or a personal essay, they find themselves having to deal with their fear of what others will think of them. Some people fear being attacked. These fears are real, and yet they must be overcome if you are to step into that place in which you can reach out to people by saying, This is who I really am. If you think about the kind of writing that stays in your memory, the kind you respond to most deeply, you could well find that it’s the kind where the writer has dropped the social screen and reached out a hand to you.

So I thought it might be helpful to give people the opportunity to work with me on overcoming the fear of self-exposure. If you’re interested in finding out more, email me at sydneysmith@dodo.com.au

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