Interview with Sydney Smith

BuzzWord’s Interview with Sydney Smith, author of Guns and Angels, a romantic comedy with gangsters.
an excerpt
BuzzWord: Why have you decided to publish Guns and Angels in weekly blog chapters?
Sydney Smith: Lots of reasons really. I’ve always struggled with ambition and motivation to get published. I fear rejection and usually feel I’m not good enough. And yet I have lots of creative energy. Social media presented me with a way around the issue by giving me a space in which to write memoir and prose poems and post them on Facebook and in my blog. I enjoy that. It’s a low-stress form of self-publishing. Now I feel the urge to explore this medium further. I’m bad at self-promotion – I always cringe at the thought of bothering people with that kind of thing. Also, for me, social media is about friendship and socialising. I don’t mind when other people promote their latest book or their business. I myself have a real inhibition about it. So I decided to combine the two things – the fun of writing simply for the joy of it and self-publishing on Facebook and in my blog. I’m not selling anything. It’s simply an adventure for the joy of having an adventure. I hope the cringe won’t stop me. Cross fingers!
One of the things I like to do on Facebook is push the boundaries of what it’s used for. So I thought, Why not publish Guns and Angels in weekly blog chapters? It won’t be as big as “Fifty Shades of Grey”, but who could equal that masterpiece? I want to see how far I can go and where this adventure takes me.
More from BuzzWord’s interview with Sydney Smith. soon..

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