After telling all my writer friends that I’ve bailed out of my self-publishing venture with Jennifer Scoullar and Kathryn Ledson, I am now back in. I’m no longer panicking. I feel calm and composed. I can do this. Doing it will not kill me. I will not die if, by some distant chance lurking just over the horizon, I succeed in selling a few copies of Guns and Angels.
Let me impart to you a little secret. In my family, I was the invisible one. My brother Steven’s friend Barry once said to me that I was the one nobody saw and everybody talked about. The point here is that going out and self-publishing is making myself visible. I still struggle with being seen and known – even if anyone who reads this laughs. Inside me is the one who hides in the cellar, longing to get out and fearful of what will happen if I do.
So, my new writing plan for the rest of the year includes self-publishing GUNS AND ANGELS under the Pilyara Press imprint.
I can do this. It’s simply a matter of apportioning my time to include this new venture. I will not die.

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