About Me



In 2007, I founded a mentoring service for writers, offering not only one-to-one tutoring but workshops on narrative craft for people writing fiction and memoir. I teach people how to build a sturdy structure for their story, how to maintain tension to keep the reader glued to the page, and how to invest the story with that all-important electric charge of emotion. These principles apply equally to literary fiction and commercial fiction.

As a mentor, I tailor my approach as far as possible to the needs of the writer.


As a mentor, I work with lots of writers who have bumped up against roadblocks in their writing projects. This has led me to offer an associated service, which I call CREATIVITY COUNSELLING. I deal with these issues as part of the mentoring relationship. I also help writers who come to me specifically for help with their roadblock.



Are you stuck? Have you tried to move forward with your writing project and find it isn’t working? Do you have a problem with:


Writer’s block

The inner critic,

Time management

Or perhaps you find your writing project stalled for reasons you aren’t sure about.

It’s frustrating to struggle with a stalled writing project. So call me on 0412 439 536 if you’re in Australia or 61412 439 536 international, or email me at sydneysmithwrites@gmail.com.au In most cases, I really can help.

Sydney Smith